At Oakden we make bespoke commercial sized griddles or bakestones from traditional regional designs from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Whatever shape, size (over half a meter in diameter) or regional type of griddle you require (with or without a heat source – gas burners etc.) we can make it for you. From flat bakestones or baking irons, to hanging griddles and even historical ones with very long handles for re-enactors to bake over camp fires.

We also make and sell (see the webstore shop) several standard large off-the-shelf ones – the Commercial Welsh Bakestone and the Commercial English Griddle, (see the video below)  however if you are after something else we can also make bespoke packages for you. Just use the contact page to get in touch.

VIDEO: a short video introducing our commercial range of bakestones and griddles.

Oakden Commercial Sized Bakestones Or Griddles

Contact us to discuss a range of commercial options. CONTACT PAGE