A traditional Long-Handled Griddle, from an original 130 year old design, which is used to bake authentic and historic regional recipes on.

This type of griddle is found in all the regions of the UK. It looks almost like a frying pan, (12 inch / 30 cm diameter and 6mm thick – with the handle about 6 inches / 14 cm) as this is a later development in the shape of baking stones and griddles, ideal to be used on the more modern indoor range cookers which became fashionable towards the end of the Victorian era.

A traditional Long-Handled Griddle like this was used to bake authentic regional recipes on, such as flat breads, honey scones, griddle cakes, pies, pancakes, muffins, crumpets, tarts and biscuits etc. Please see ‘How To Season Your Griddle‘ for information on caring for this item.

This is a hand-made reproduction, made from an original design dating back over 130 years, and, because it is made of a thick 6mm steel plate (which is basically like Victorian cast iron, without the brittleness) it is able to be used on a wide range of modern convection / induction / radiation cookers and fires. It can be used over an open fire, using a fire dog to sit on, a modern gas stove, an electric stove and even on an induction hob or ceramic convection cooker. Note: this is a heavy item – 8 lbs / 3.6 Kg.


Mild Steel


8lbs / 3.6 KG


12 inch / 30 cm diameter


0.23 inch / 6mm