The Oakden 12″ Pizza Plate is made and designed by Oakden and is just what you need to make the perfect pizza in the oven.

Introducing the 12″ Oakden Pizza Plate, made of 8mm thick steel.

This pizza plate can warm up evenly, and retain its heat over a long period of time, much better than any other cookware material, so they really are the best cookware base to make the perfect pizza on time and again. The pizza plate can also be used as a baking plate on the hob, for cakes and bakes etc.

This 12″ plate can be used in any oven: gas, electric, or even an outdoor wood fired oven etc.

Being 8mm thick these Plates will not warp or buckle under the high heats Pizza’s need to be baked at.

Dimensions : 12″ Pizza Plate.

Metric, 30cm diameter x 8mm thick.

Imperial, 12in diameter x 0.31in thick.

Weight¬†: 4.5 Kg …¬†Note this is a heavy item : (due to the weight use carefully on any induction and ceramic hobs, if being used as a griddle / bakestone).

Heat Source / Cooking Top : These Pizza Plates can be used in all Gas or Electric ovens and in outdoor Wood Fired Ovens etc. … This is a unique cooking product made here at our workshops at Oakden and it is made of a thick steel plate (which is basically like cast iron, without the brittleness) and so it is able to be used on a wide range of modern convection / induction / radiation cookers and fires. It can also be used as a griddle / bakestone over an open fire, using a fire dog to sit on, a modern gas stove, an electric stove and even on an induction hob or ceramic convection cooker.