The Square Pan (shallow) is a heavy duty 30cm x 30cm (12in x 12in) pan for frying and baking that is 6mm thick. It comes with the scraper and tongs as seen.

The Square Pan (shallow) is a heavy duty 30cm x 30cm (12in x 12in) frying and baking pan that is 6mm thick. The internal rise on the lip (upstand) is 2cm (just under 1in) high. This heavy, thick based, Square Pan has been specifically designed as a heavy duty all-purpose pan.

The square pan also includes the scraper and tongs as seen in the photo.

Dimensions : Metric 30cm x 30cm (x 2cm tall) x 6mm thick. Imperial 12in x 12in (x 1in tall) x 0.25in thick.

Weight : 6.5 Kg

Note this is a heavy item : due to the weight please use carefully on induction and ceramic hobs.

Heat Source / Cooking Top : This can be used on all Gas or Electric cookers and on both Ceramic or Induction cookers … This is a unique cooking product made here at our workshops at Oakden and it is made of a thick steel plate (which is basically like cast iron, without the brittleness) and so it is able to be used on a very wide range of modern convection / induction / radiation cookers and fires. It can also be used over an open fire, using a fire dog to sit on etc.