A traditional Two Handled Bakestone, from an original early 20th Century design, which is used to bake authentic and historic regional UK and Irish recipes on.

Note: On a practical level, if you intend doing a lot of baking, you may find this type of griddle the easiest of all the baking stones to use. It is easy to move around and carry (although like all griddles it is very heavy!) due to the way the handles are positioned and the robust nature of it means it is fantastic when baking on any type of cooker or heat source.

A traditional Two Handled Bakestone / Griddle (12 inch / 30 cm diameter) is seen in both English and Welsh authentic cooking, as well as in other regions in the UK and Ireland. A two handled griddle like this is is used to bake authentic regional recipes on, such as crumpets, regional breads, pratie oaten, drop scones, welsh cakes, pies, perkin, plum heavies, tarts and oaty biscuits etc. Please see ‘How To Season Your Griddle‘ for information on caring for this item.

This is a hand-made reproduction, made from an early 20th Century design, and because it is made of a thick steel plate (which is basically like cast iron, without the brittleness) it is able to be used on a wide range of modern convection / induction / radiation cookers and fires. It can be used over an open fire, using a fire dog to sit on, a modern gas stove, an electric stove and even on an induction hob or ceramic convection cooker. Note: this is a heavy item – 12 lbs / 5.5 Kg.


Mild Steel


12lbs / 5.5KG


12 inch / 30 cm diameter


0.4 inch / 10mm

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